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Welcome to the Lungau region

In the southern reaches of Salzburg State, between the peaks of the Tauern and Nockberge ranges, you’ll find the 15 idyllic towns and valleys of the region. Both in summer and winter, the Lungau region is truly a vacation paradise. Hikers, bikers, culture lovers and even the littlest visitors, Lungau has something to offer them all. With elevations ranging from 1000 tot 2400 metres, optimal snow conditions are guaranteed until springtime, ideal for downhill and cross-country skiers, tourers, as well as romantic winter hikes through countryside covered deep in snow.


Breathtaking vistas

The world is at its most beautiful when viewed from up on high. Everyday life is left far behind in the valley deep below. Clearly, there’s nothing left to do but head up into the Lungau mountains!